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Enforce STARTTLS and verify the certificate, that’s it!

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Dear postmasters

As of January 2020, the large majority of SMTP servers are still not enforcing STARTTLS against either DANE or valid SSL certificate chains, which is a problem, since email messages are supposedly private.

It is not like doing clear-text HTTP for serving read-only public websites. It is worse than that, namely doing private communication over the public network, in clear-text or with un-authenticated encryption (meaning someone in the middle can impersonate the receiver).



MX/server setup

Note: you do not necessarily have to go to the painful route of DNSSEC and DANE.

Relay/client setup

Are you from the future?


TLSA Record Generator https://ssl-tools.net/tlsa-generator

CryptCheck https://tls.imirhil.fr/

A system for ensuring & authenticating STARTTLS encryption between mail servers https://github.com/EFForg/starttls-everywhere

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