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Warning: we are currently mass-scanning the public network against port 25/tcp and eventually checking if STARTTLS is enforced or not. If you've seen us in your firewall or SMTP logs, do not be afraid. We are not attempting anything invasive. We are simply checking today's state of SMTP encryption as an attempt to provide some statistics on worldwide SMTP health.
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Security and Network Engineering at Innopolis University is a two year master program, originally based on the University of Amsterdam (SNE UvA). Classes are taught in English. Students have lectures in the morning, and are dealing with heavy-duty lab assignments in the afternoon. The program itself is very extensive, and students will have to devote their time fully to the study process. Because of the complexity of the homework assignments and topics covered during the first year, we have a comprehensive admission procedure, which includes tests and presentation.

Semester 1

Semester 2

In addition, there are two Elective courses that students are able to choose from. Beside Regular and Elective courses, there are two Research Projects that students have to carry out. RP1 is one month long and RP2 takes place in summer from June to mid-August.

Summer internship

Second Year

Selection Criteria

Mandatory Requirements:

Preferred Requirements:


OS3 | SMTP | FTP | xhtml/css
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